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We’re back! | September 8, 2007

And by we, I mean me. During my (two?) week-long hiatus, the hubby and I moved back to Montreal from the Boston area. I’m in a kitchen than is smaller than what any person should be required to cook in. Right now, the stove is in such a condition that only one burner at a time may be used. It doesn’t help that the fire alarm is right above the stove and goes off, even when there is just a pot of spaghetti on.

You may be wondering why I would choose a tiny kitchen (with no counter space, and virtually no storage), but the location is perfect for the Mister and I, and the space itself is beautiful (and cost effective). We’ve also taken in an abandoned cat and kitten on behalf of the SPCA, making the space slightly smaller, but infinitely more homey. Now if only the temperature would drop, so it isn’t so unbearable.

I invited my friend L (who is pretty much my neighbor at this point) for a spaghetti dinner, and since both she and the Mister eat meat, modified a Bolognese sauce to include soy in a ground beef style. L said she couldn’t taste a difference. It’s all in the seasoning.

Random question, but if anyone in Canada/Quebec could let me know where I can get Annie’s Homegrown pasta, or Luna bars (or Tortilla Factory wraps), I would be eternally grateful.


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