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Let me wax nostalgic… | October 30, 2007

Before you criticize me, let me tell you I know it’s not exactly kosher to post twice in a row, but I feel this topic deserves it’s very own link in the “Recent Posts” column. I also realize it’s in bad form to talk about the past in a blog, but fuck convention, I’m going for it.

I promise this won’t be too long. Unfortunately, I also promise that this will be exactly like when that annoying girl in your dorm/office comes to you and prostrates herself at your feet to whine for an hour and a half about every problem any of her friends is having.

Proper warning given, I’ll continue…

My best friend, my Lover, the Love of My Life is having boyfriend troubles again (or at least she was when I spoke to her Sunday (Saturday?) night and so I’m basing this on that information). It seems that her bee-eff has decided to play the part of the woman again and whine about how she doesn’t spend enough time with him, give an I-Think-We-Should-Maybe-Break-Up type ultimatum and then immediately regret his decision and barrage Lover with around 3 phone calls, some effeminate whining, and no less than fourteen (14!) IMs.

Now, this post may seem a bit biased, so before I dig myself any further into this hole, let me say that I like this guy. He’s nice, polite, and apparently a pretty good boyfriend. This being said, I want to take a moment to commemorate m favorite Lover boyfriend of all, my fake husband, and close friend since freshman year of high school, K.

K is an awesome guy. He’s everything that any hipster worth their salt would want to date: artistic, musically gifted, a writer, the poster boy for the tight sweater/shaggy hair movement, and most importantly, just a little bit damaged. He also has an iPhone and is in Prague for a semester. How cool is that?

Their relationship, which started adorably, but ended bitterly, lasted less than a year, and despite awkward phone calls (being close to both meant being the captive audience for both sides of every fight), I really thought they would be together for a long time (I’d say forever, but you know…).

I can understand their breaking up (distance makes things hard), but talking to them both, I can’t help but harbor these delusions that Mommy and Daddy will get back together. They both always come to the same conclusion: they can’t help but keep coming back to each other (drunk phone calls, random visits, etc).

I can’t say they’ll get back together (though she is going to visit him in Prague). But they will forever remain in my mind a couple. My J.D. and Elliot, my Jim and Pam (pre-season 4, you know, with the flirting and they will-they-won’t-they), my Frye and Leela.


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