Complaint by Numbers

Historical accuracy be damned! | May 13, 2008

I can’t get enough of The Tudors.

Also, I made lime cupcakes (with a sponge cake base). Delicious. 

And in keeping with the theme of having absolutely no theme whatsoever for this blog, I would just like to admit to something potentially damaging to my (spectacular) character: I look at the pets section of CraigsList like it were a blog. I check to see if there is a cat, kitten or particularly cute puppy up for adoption pretty much every thirty seconds while I’m checking email/browsing blogs/doing nothing. In fact, if I could hook that bitch up to a nice RSS feed, it would greatly reduce the amount of times I click on my hot bar (yes, it’s got its very own button), only to be disappointed by the fact that no one new wants to give up their cat. Now I suppose this wouldn’t be too bad if I were looking for a cat, but I’m not. I already have two (and this does not include the two I will inherit when I move back to the States this December). I’m just a sad bastard who likes looking at pictures of kittens, and who harbors tiny hopes of adopting another one. Maybe a long-haired one, or you know, whatever.


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