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Cavs, Brewers: It’s on! | May 16, 2008

Tonight, I am especially thankful for my subscription, as my TV has no PIP feature and I will be simultaneously biting my nails during and yelling at both the Celts and the Sox games. Obviously it’s a big night for Boston in terms of basketball, as it’s a nice opportunity to bump Cleveland from the playoffs, but it’s also a big night for baseball too, in a sense.

The team has been floundering a bit lately, and it would be nice to get back on our feet. It seems like as soon as something starts to go right (Ortiz hitting), something else goes wrong (Lowell injury). Of course, with players like Curt Schilling, Francona’s no stranger to working around an impaired team, and the Sox certainly know the value of waiting for good things to come, but it would be nice for things to turn around. I can’t handle the stress and disappointment of losing too much, not with the amazing team we’ve got, at least.

Some random tidbits:

  • Buchholz is on the DL with “a torn fingernail.” I kid you not.
  • Cora’s batting average is .474 now, with 19 at bats. Holy shit. 
  • That surprised me because sometimes I forget that Cora’s on the team (to be fair, he hasn’t been in as much lately…). 
  • Youks and Manny are tied for runs with 8 apiece. 
  • Youks leads the team in RBIs with 30
  • Ortiz has 7 runs, and his avg. is back up to around .234, which is great because a few months ago it was down to around .083. 
  • I still think Ellsbury is amazing.

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