Complaint by Numbers

Misery loves company, | May 19, 2008

…but unfortunately, I am alone. I’ve somehow caught a virus that has brought with it a delicious assortment of symptoms, including a delightful raised, red, spotty, and itchy-as-all-hell rash. On my face. The rash spreads from there down my neck, chest, back and arms but my main concern is the face because I’m a scratcher. As soon as I’m itchy, my id takes over and begins fulfilling my needs, mainly the need to not be itchy. As this rash seems to be particularly irritating (and resistant to the effects of cortisone), I have been scratching a lot and soon expect a whole host of adorable little scars. 

I’m also the only one of my friends or family to have acquired this little gem, and so the pity has been scarce. My boyfriend (with whom I live) has been fairly patient listening to me whine, but I’m fairly certain my friends are a bit sick of me.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with a German composition and The Sims. No, really. I have a little Sim family going and everything.  


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