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June 13, 2008
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I found placek recipe online, and adapted it to better suit my memory of what was made back home. I won’t lie, it tastes fantastic. While this recipe isn’t completely traditional (usually, you’d make a dough “sponge” first), it gets the job done fast (besides, I didn’t have enough yeast for the other recipe). I’m hoping my cook book arrives soon. I’d love to find some variations on placek, and perhaps try out some babka (which is a bit dense– more cakey than bready, to use the technical terms).

The hubby isn’t Polish (his family is Scottish), and so placek was a new concept for him, but was he ever thrilled to try some. It’s been declared a new staple in our house (or rather, tiny apartment). Pictures and the recipe after the jump. (more…)


Weekend Project

June 12, 2008
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Since my weekend technically starts late Thursday afternoon and I generally don’t have enough work to fill the whole 3.5 days. As soon as I’m done with this degree, though, it’s back to working full time or getting myself knocked up and on maternity leave. Not surprisingly, the hubby is leaning towards the former. And now I’ve become sidetracked, one sentence in to the post.

Granted, I could delete that and start again, but that would make this too polished, and I’m looking for a more organic feel (read: I don’t want to bother), so I’ll continue on down here, with the hope of somehow re-railing this train o’ thoughts. So we covered Thursday weekends, university, my inability to stay on track and now we’re here, or rather, we’re back at weekends. 

My weekends usually start with the thought, “Wow, I’ve got days to do this work,” and end with me frantically writing a composition in somewhat broken German while reading the last 3/4 of a 20th century British novel. In between, I stress about the work I haven’t done, and consume a bottle of wine. This weekend, things will be different. Instead of thinking about the work I’ll inevitably put off until Sunday night until I actually get to Sunday night, I will occupy myself with a project (or two!). This weekend, despite the heat, I’m thinking cooking.

More to the point, I’m going to attempt to recreate the Polish recipes I enjoyed as a kid, so this weekend will be filled with cabbage, onions and breads (and probably pierogi). I’ll keep everyone updated with recipes, frustration and the like!

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Two words: Awk-ward

June 2, 2008
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I just had one of those incredibly awkward moments where you run into someone you know but don’t ever want to see and feel like crawling into a hole. I feel as though our falling out left me the victim (at least financially), but for some reason, seeing her makes me feel as though I’ve done something wrong. It really would have been nice if she had fallen on her face. 

My only consolation was that she still looked like crap.

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