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Happy Election Day!

November 4, 2008
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I voted!

Also, a friend sent me this link, and the story is quite cute.


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I’m a little ashamed to admit this…

October 13, 2008
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…but, I really like Britney’s new song.

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Open Letter to PUMA

September 26, 2008
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Recently (as in, moments ago), I read a blog post from a woman who, after Hillary lost the nomination, defected to McCain’s side, seemingly without any rational reasoning other than that he wasn’t Obama. While she claims this wasn’t based on race, or “the issues” (yes, she really decided to put platforms aside and vote solely on the fact that McCain wasn’t Obama), I can’t help but feel that she is an insult to women. I’m going to have to say that women like her give the rest of us the tag of being “overly emotional” and “irrational.” Frankly, if I had to make that judgment about women as a whole from reading this woman’s posts, it wouldn’t be too hard to get me to utter those words.

Now really, it’s not worth linking to this woman’s blog, as I don’t want to associate myself with her in any way, but I do feel a response to this type of voter is necessary.

So, to all of those women who decided to turn your backs on the Democratic party, because of the fact that you just don’t really like Obama all that much, I have some thoughts.I really urge you to look closer at the issues, instead of claiming that you simply can’t support the candidate. Unfortunately, by voting for McCain, you are turning your back on feminism, liberty, and a government for the people (I’ve seen many women say they are still feminists, despite a rabid interest in the GOP).

While you accuse Obama of have a “cult following,” you praise McCain for being the “Maverick,” despite his having passed far fewer pieces of major legislation than Obama (in 6 x the years of being in office), and despite his voting with Bush 90% of the time. It would seem that McCain’s supporters are more of a cult than those of Obama, blindly supporting Sarah Palin, whose minimal experience is only overshadowed by her inability to learn anything about politics.

How can you say that McCain is putting his country first when he wants to give larger tax cuts to those people making more than 12 times the national average household income? How can you support a candidate that wants to take away your rights as a woman?

I was a Hillary supporter in the very beginning, but instead of becoming bitter, I chose to put feelings aside and actually open my eyes to what was going on around me. And, as much as I’d rather not say this, I’m willing to bet race does play a role in your choices.

To conclude, if you’re not voting on the issues, you probably shouldn’t vote at all.

Manny can be Manny somewhere else

August 3, 2008
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I know Manny did amazing things for the Red Sox organization, and I’d be willing to bet that management had it out for him this year, but really, when you look back on this season, can you blame them? So many times this past month or so, Manny’s been up to the plate, and there has been a collective holding-of-breath in Fenway, accompanied by one universal thought: What’s he going to do now?

And what did he do? Strike out looking (looking!) against the Yankees, repeatedly hit balls into double plays, or right into the infield, take himself out of games, take many days off, and just generally play the game with a complete lack of effort. At least that’s how it looked from the broadcast. So, no matter what Garciaparra or Ramirez say, it wasn’t the management, or the press that called attention to Manny’s lackadaisical game play approach: it was Manny.

That being said, I wish the best for him with the Dodgers, and simply look forward to the coming season being as drama-free as possible. Bay has already improved his average, added 3 RBI’s to his total and stuck another HR on to his season total. I realize Manny has done virtually the exact same thing, but really, he didn’t seem to want to do so for the Sox, so it does no good to even think about. All I’m doing right now is looking forward to once again having a reasonably stable batting lineup, a unified team, and perhaps a little hope for the future. After all, if last night’s first inning is any indication of how things will start to go (Youks and Bay both hitting great runs to take the lead from the A’s and bring the score to 5-2, before there was even one out), I think it’s going to be a great second half of the season.

I’ll be watching (and probably commenting on) the game later today.

I ain’t sayin’ he’s a gold-digger…

July 17, 2008
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…but if I get another email from Barack Obama asking for money…

Yes, that was a lot of ellipses, but I still made my point. I’ve received countless emails from Obama and his staff, all asking for a donation of at least $25. Now, being a student who currently freelances to pay the rent, this doesn’t really appeal to me. While I would love to help drum up support by flyering my (predominantly French Canadian) neighborhood, or making phonecalls, or getting one of those ridiculous button-making machines and going to town, being asked for money just seems like too much.

It’s not that I’m not an Obama supporter, I mean, there is, in fact, a reason why I’m on his mailing list, but it seems a bit absurd for his team to bombard their supporters every week (it’s probably actually more frequent, but I’ve trained myself to delete the requests without really even paying attention). I voted for him in the primaries, and I’ll vote for him again in the general election, but it sort of galls me that I’m being repeatedly begged for monetary donations. I realize this is just politics, but I’m starting to feel guilty about not donating…

I guess it’s grad. school for me…

July 8, 2008
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Not that I’m upset that I’ll probably end up going back to school, it just seems a little overwhelming. I originally got my B.A. for Art History, and love the field, but there seem to be far fewer graduate programs out there that specialize in just art history. Most of the M.F.A. programs I’ve seen want me to take a ton of studio hours and essentially get a degree in the actual production of art. This is fine for most people, but I really do enjoy studying the theoretical/social/historical side to art. I would also be content with an M.A. in history or anthropology (history is similar enough to art history, and I minored in anthro.). Of course, with any of these degrees, the question arises: What kind of job will I get?

Therein lies my problem. I have no idea what I want to do. I’ve got a pretty clear picture of jobs that I would not find remotely fulfilling (while I enjoyed being an “administrative assistant,” I mostly just liked the company I worked for–or even more accurately, the people I worked with), but in terms of a job wishlist, I’ve got yet to come up with that.

The only problem with grad. school is that I certainly won’t be able to take any more time off of work. I’ve taken enough time off to finish up that pesky B.A. that was interrupted so that I could work a few years ago, and now (or really, when I move back to the Boston area) I’ve really got to get back into the workplace and make some money. So, I’d have to take night/weekend classes. This really limits the type of degree I can get. Going to night school for a graduate degree in the Massachusetts area pretty much limits me to an M.B.A., M.P.A., M.Ed., or an M.S. in Communications. None of these are degrees that I would remotely enjoy writing a thesis for, or taking classes for. Furthermore, I’m not so keen on the types of jobs that those degrees would afford me. I really do love the humanities too much.

DIY Wedding Advice

July 7, 2008

Wedding? Why yes, I am engaged! This is a fairly new (within the last few weeks) occurrence, and I can’t pretend I’ve been one of those brides who’s obsessed about plans. All I’ve thought about so far is how much I can do myself in order to save money. I’ve never really had the “dream wedding” planned out, so it’s pretty much coming down to budget.

Now, my mother is insisting on giving a chunk of cash (this thing is going to cost under $10,000, but still she insists on helping), but with the caveat that she gets to veto every decision I try to make. Apparently, one of those decisions is whether or not I’m taking her money, so she basically has taken control of my wedding. I’m used to this behavior. 

My point here is that I’d love to be able to do as much of the food myself. My fiancé and I don’t want an actual, formal sit-down meal, but instead would prefer an hors d’oeuvre buffet. We’re not really fans of large groups of people, and feel that a sit-down meal is awkward and forced. My mother says that we, “have to feed people if they come to a wedding,” and has decided that this is an unacceptable way of feeding people. Basically, my task is to prove to her that this is a viable, and socially acceptable method of putting food into people’s bodies, so as to convince her that no one will judge the event for being tacky or cheap. I’m sure that’s all she’s worried about. I should tell her I imported white truffles and will be sprinkling that over the fois gras, as well as gold leafing the cake. 

So, my question is more or less, would this sort of hors d’oeuvre buffet be plausible? Has anyone been to a similar wedding? How did it turn out?

Weekend Project

June 12, 2008
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Since my weekend technically starts late Thursday afternoon and I generally don’t have enough work to fill the whole 3.5 days. As soon as I’m done with this degree, though, it’s back to working full time or getting myself knocked up and on maternity leave. Not surprisingly, the hubby is leaning towards the former. And now I’ve become sidetracked, one sentence in to the post.

Granted, I could delete that and start again, but that would make this too polished, and I’m looking for a more organic feel (read: I don’t want to bother), so I’ll continue on down here, with the hope of somehow re-railing this train o’ thoughts. So we covered Thursday weekends, university, my inability to stay on track and now we’re here, or rather, we’re back at weekends. 

My weekends usually start with the thought, “Wow, I’ve got days to do this work,” and end with me frantically writing a composition in somewhat broken German while reading the last 3/4 of a 20th century British novel. In between, I stress about the work I haven’t done, and consume a bottle of wine. This weekend, things will be different. Instead of thinking about the work I’ll inevitably put off until Sunday night until I actually get to Sunday night, I will occupy myself with a project (or two!). This weekend, despite the heat, I’m thinking cooking.

More to the point, I’m going to attempt to recreate the Polish recipes I enjoyed as a kid, so this weekend will be filled with cabbage, onions and breads (and probably pierogi). I’ll keep everyone updated with recipes, frustration and the like!

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Two words: Awk-ward

June 2, 2008
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I just had one of those incredibly awkward moments where you run into someone you know but don’t ever want to see and feel like crawling into a hole. I feel as though our falling out left me the victim (at least financially), but for some reason, seeing her makes me feel as though I’ve done something wrong. It really would have been nice if she had fallen on her face. 

My only consolation was that she still looked like crap.

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No more sugary cereal…

May 28, 2008
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For some reason lately, I’ve been craving sugary foods. I’ve also been exhausted a lot this week. I’m pretty sure the two are closely related. Usually when I eat crap foods, I feel crappy. I don’t think I’m overtired so much as under-rested. I’m going t make a concerted effort to get to sleep early tonight and eat well throughout tomorrow. We’ll see how that works.

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