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Open Letter to PUMA

September 26, 2008
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Recently (as in, moments ago), I read a blog post from a woman who, after Hillary lost the nomination, defected to McCain’s side, seemingly without any rational reasoning other than that he wasn’t Obama. While she claims this wasn’t based on race, or “the issues” (yes, she really decided to put platforms aside and vote solely on the fact that McCain wasn’t Obama), I can’t help but feel that she is an insult to women. I’m going to have to say that women like her give the rest of us the tag of being “overly emotional” and “irrational.” Frankly, if I had to make that judgment about women as a whole from reading this woman’s posts, it wouldn’t be too hard to get me to utter those words.

Now really, it’s not worth linking to this woman’s blog, as I don’t want to associate myself with her in any way, but I do feel a response to this type of voter is necessary.

So, to all of those women who decided to turn your backs on the Democratic party, because of the fact that you just don’t really like Obama all that much, I have some thoughts.I really urge you to look closer at the issues, instead of claiming that you simply can’t support the candidate. Unfortunately, by voting for McCain, you are turning your back on feminism, liberty, and a government for the people (I’ve seen many women say they are still feminists, despite a rabid interest in the GOP).

While you accuse Obama of have a “cult following,” you praise McCain for being the “Maverick,” despite his having passed far fewer pieces of major legislation than Obama (in 6 x the years of being in office), and despite his voting with Bush 90% of the time. It would seem that McCain’s supporters are more of a cult than those of Obama, blindly supporting Sarah Palin, whose minimal experience is only overshadowed by her inability to learn anything about politics.

How can you say that McCain is putting his country first when he wants to give larger tax cuts to those people making more than 12 times the national average household income? How can you support a candidate that wants to take away your rights as a woman?

I was a Hillary supporter in the very beginning, but instead of becoming bitter, I chose to put feelings aside and actually open my eyes to what was going on around me. And, as much as I’d rather not say this, I’m willing to bet race does play a role in your choices.

To conclude, if you’re not voting on the issues, you probably shouldn’t vote at all.


I ain’t sayin’ he’s a gold-digger…

July 17, 2008
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…but if I get another email from Barack Obama asking for money…

Yes, that was a lot of ellipses, but I still made my point. I’ve received countless emails from Obama and his staff, all asking for a donation of at least $25. Now, being a student who currently freelances to pay the rent, this doesn’t really appeal to me. While I would love to help drum up support by flyering my (predominantly French Canadian) neighborhood, or making phonecalls, or getting one of those ridiculous button-making machines and going to town, being asked for money just seems like too much.

It’s not that I’m not an Obama supporter, I mean, there is, in fact, a reason why I’m on his mailing list, but it seems a bit absurd for his team to bombard their supporters every week (it’s probably actually more frequent, but I’ve trained myself to delete the requests without really even paying attention). I voted for him in the primaries, and I’ll vote for him again in the general election, but it sort of galls me that I’m being repeatedly begged for monetary donations. I realize this is just politics, but I’m starting to feel guilty about not donating…

Could an Edwards endorsement finally end this madness?

May 14, 2008

CNN recently confirmed that John Edwards will endorse Barack Obama in the upcoming race for the presidency. While Edwards didn’t pull too much of the electorate during the primaries, his endorsement could mean the support of many voters who could otherwise be swayed to the (sinking) Clinton campaign. After all, Edwards won 7% of the votes in West Virginia, despite his absence from the race. Perhaps with this endorsement, Clinton will gracefully step down. Now if only Gore would drop some hints about his leanings…

I don’t mean to Clinton-bash. At the beginning of the year, and in fact, in the weeks preceding Super Tuesday, I was still a fan of Clinton, though somewhat hesitantly. Unfortunately, her recent campaign tactics and mudslinging which have won her many votes, have turned me off entirely to her entire campaign. 

Through her entire run, I’ve been reminded of this Mad TV parody of the Britney Spears song, “Lucky.” I don’t generally enjoy Mad TV, but I was struck by the foresight of this video.

Video after the jump.


Who’s voting for Clinton?

May 14, 2008

According to a recent CNN exit poll, it’s uneducated, old women. Harsh as that statement may seem, I’ve got the data to back it up, thanks to West Virginia. 

What I found interesting was that the majority of voters were fairly uneducated. Only 30% of voters had graduated college (including those with a higher degree). The majority of Clinton’s votes came from those who only graduated high school. What’s interesting, is that the table provided shows the breakdown for each group, and the more degrees obtained by a certain individual, the more likely they seemed to vote for Obama. 

Further breakdown, after the jump. (more…)